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Categorizing Defects for Lawsuits Against Companies

If you ever get injured, a good thing to look at is if it’s a result of a product that you have used recently. Finding out product liability can be complex when you’re looking to file a claim so it might be a good idea to search online for any product liability attorney services las vegas nv in your area before you start a legal process with the company responsible. Consider all of these different defect types when starting a lawsuit on an opposing company.

Design Defects

Design defects mean that the product was developed negligently from the start. To claim this type of defect in court, you need to prove that the product in question has a faulty design that can cause injury no matter any change from the manufacturing line. Proving a design defect can be done by comparing a product to their competing products and seeing if a safety feature, for example, is missing on that specific product. Ensure that you contact a professional to look at a product so they can tell if you have a legitimate claim on a product having a design defect.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects happen when the production line of a product is negligent in a way which causes a product to become dangerous. Unless the case is extreme, this usually only affects a certain number of products such as those that were built during a certain time or at a certain factory. Finding a manufacturing defect can be as simple as purchasing another copy of the product and comparing between the two to see what is off. Figure out if your product has these types of defects as these are often the easiest to prove in court.

Marketing Defects

Marketing defects occur when a company’s marketing firm releases a piece of advertising or product packaging that misleads on the intended uses and dangers. This can happen when a company releases a type of product that typically might be known for some kind of use that the marketing side of the company takes advantage of but later finds out that the product is meant for another type of use. This type of defect is one of the easier ones to point out as you can see when a company didn’t intend for a product to be used in a certain way when they decide to pull the marketing or change the product packaging. Consider contacting a professional so you can gather all of the marketing materials related to your case to make it easier in court.


Starting a legal case against a company big or small about defects with their products can be difficult. However, starting by providing evidence is important so that the company doesn’t try to get the case thrown out before the claims are substantiated. Consider contacting any legal expert you can to find all of the evidence that you can use that will prove that your defect claims are completely true.

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