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How to Handle Fraud in Telemarketing and Getting a Lawyer

We’ve all gotten the call either late at night or during the day. A telemarketer is trying to sell you something and has a long script to read to you. You either say no and hang up or you decide to give it a try. Why not? The only problem is when you find out you never get the product, or they never stop calling. This could be for a bill or anything that you may have bought in the last year. Your number is somehow on the list that they have, and it seems it will go on forever. Here are some ways to handle telemarketing fraud and get an attorney involved.


The first thing you may want to consider is recording the call if you are in a one-party state. This means you don’t need their permission to record. Now, if you are in a two-party consent state, then when they call, you will need to inform them you are recording and ask for their permission. This might stop the drama right then and there, but who knows. Either way, jot down all call times, dates, the business name and the person you are speaking to. Keep a file that is organized where you can store this information.

Call a lawyer

Look for the right lawyer that understands telemarketing and the law regulating this kind of activity. They will know exactly what to do once you tell them what is happening. Most times they can give you some tips if you are being seriously harassed and its driving your quality of life downhill. Share all the documentation that you have as this will be extremely helpful. The lawyer can take it from there to contact the company either by a cease and desist letter or by a phone call. You can always find any phoenix Telemarketing Fraud Attorney.

Be calm

The main thing that you don’t want to do is get hostile with the telemarketing company. Calmly explain to them they either have the wrong person or that you are not interested. You can further tell them to stop calling or you will take legal action if they don’t. Most telemarketer nowadays will comply if you tell them to take you off their list. Many will do so because they don’t want to incur a fine that can be pretty substantial if they don’t stop calling. Always try to keep your composure intact so you don’t explode with emotions.

Handling a telemarketing call doesn’t have to disrupt your entire life. You can get smart and begin recording the call, but only if you have their permission, especially in a two-part consent state. This is valuable information for the attorney so they can listen to the harassment firsthand and take legal action. Make sure you have found the attorney that gets this kind of law and can immediately put a stop to it where you get no more calls. Finally, remain calm and collect your composure. You don’t want to give them the satisfaction of giving you an emotional breakdown.

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