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Learn About Bail Bonds with The Help of An Attorney

Once you arrested and booked into the county jail, a corrections officer will contact a bail bondsman to see if you are able to make bail and if so, what type of bond you will be given. If you are unable to make your bond due to the bond given to you, any nashville criminal defense attorney can help you get your bail amount lowered or have the type of bond you were given changed. In order to have your bond/bail amount changed, your attorney will need to request a bail hearing for you to appear in front of a judge and present your case on why you would like the changes to be made.

Secured Bond

If you are released on a secured bond, it means that you are bailed out by the courts on a specific amount that you will have to pay back if you violate your bail conditions. If you are in violation of your conditions of release, you will need a criminal defense attorney to help you try and get your bail violation dropped. If you find that the amount to be paid back is unfair, you can also ask your attorney to have the amount lowered to something more reasonable.

Cash Bail

Cash bail is when you have to pay a specific amount before you are released from jail and if you are unable to pay it, you will have to wait for your first initial arraignment. Your attorney can ask the judge to have the amount lowered so you are able to be released back into the community. In order to have the amount reduced, you will need to explain what your responsibilities are in the community and why you feel it is important to have a bail set that you afford to pay to be released.

Personal Recognizance

If you are given a cash bail that you cannot afford, you can have your attorney request have your bail changed to a personal recognizance bond. This type of bond does not require you to pay any cash upfront or for violations. All that is required of you is to show up to all court dates related to your new criminal charge. If you do not appear, the judge can charge you with a bail violation or with a failure to appear misdemeanor.

Having an attorney for criminal charges is very important if you are looking to bailed out of jail or placed on a bond immediately. With the help of your attorney, you will be able to learn about the different types of bonds including cash, secured, and personal recognizance bonds. Your lawyer will walk you through the steps of having a bond or bail amount changed to help you get released quicker than sitting around waiting for your arraignment. With just a simple bail hearing and a helping hand, you have your bail changed to something more reasonable and affordable relating to your financial situation.

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