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What Does A Birth Injury Lawyer Do For You?

When your child suffers from a birth injury, you would rather be enjoying time with your child than dealing with courtrooms. Children deserve the best care that is available and if anyone involved in their medical care failed to do the right thing, the situation deserves to be redressed. While the medical professional responsible for the birth injuries may not have had any malice when they made their mistake complacency and laziness can be just as dangerous.

Having a child is supposed to be one of the happiest moments of the life of any parent and when something goes wrong it can be absolutely devastating. In the United States, for every 1,000 births, there are an estimated 5 that sustained injuries during birth. Some of the most common reasons for these injuries are a lack of oxygen to the baby during labor and delivery and medical devices not being used properly. Whatever the reason, if it could have been prevented somebody needs to be responsible for the pain of your family and child.

If you believe your child has been injured during birth due to the negligence or mal intent of a medical professional, it’s important to contact a birth injury lawyer phoenix az as soon as possible. While it’s sometimes okay to wait, the sooner you speak to a professional the sooner they can start working on your case and getting the information that you need. brain damage, hypoxia, wrongful death, shoulder dystocia, bone fractures, and lacerations and the most common birth injuries that are experienced in the United States. If a child is injured, it can be an emotional time and a lawyer can help you understand if you have a provable case or not.

A lawyer will go over all of your information and medical documents carefully in order to begin pre-litigation. If you have access to your medical documents already, this can help to make the process go a little bit faster as they will not have to spend that time getting the information themselves. They will also use this time to speak to expert witnesses who can help validate your facts and case.

In some cases, the attorney will come up with a proper settlement amount and discuss the number with you. If the defendant agrees to pay the amount without taking it court, the process could stop right there. If they refuse to pay, your attorney will start the litigation phase of the case. It is then that they will formally file a complaint in civil court against the defendant.

The defendant is given a certain amount of time to respond and this is when the discovery phase starts. It is at this point that they will have access to the complaints and evidence that has been gathered against them. This includes witnesses, medical reports, and more. Usually, it is at this point when defendants choose to try to reach a settlement in order to avoid taking it to trial. If they don’t both parties will have their day in court and an attorney can help you win.

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