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What to Do When Charged with Driving Under the Influence Case in St. Charles

DUI is an abbreviation, which means driving under the influence. This is the situation where the blood alcohol content surpasses the set level. It is normally a misdemeanor accompanied by standardized penalties one cannot get a mere slap on the wrist. The sentencing is carried out according to prior arrests and the amount of alcohol blood content but a conviction within seven years calls for a harsher punishment. Sentences for DUI range from jail time to fines or even suspension of the driver’s license.

When one is charged with DUI charges, one requires a good dui st. charles attorney to ensure that they do get the best possible outcome from the proceedings. St. Charles has one of the strictest DUI laws, and it may be criminal or civil, which are detrimental to an individual. Thus, one must be very careful while selecting the attorney to represent him in the court of law.

A good DUI attorney may use the following as your defense depending on the facts of your case. In cases where the police officer did not have probable cause to pull you over; the police officer should not stop you just because of mere suspicion; he should have probable cause. The rule is a protection clause under the US constitution, failure for a proper arrest the charges are likely to be dropped.

Moreover, there are other instances, such as those of improper administrations of the sobriety tests. Usually, these tests are optional, and not everyone knows about them. The officer needs a warrant before they can perform a blood test on you the standardized field sobriety tests are required to be conducted properly in a manner set out by law.

Another incident may be where there might be a faulty breathalyzer. Once pulled over, a suspect is required to submit two breath tests preliminary breath test and evidentiary breath test. The preliminary breath test is taken at the roadside to determine whether one will be arrested or not, whereas the evidentiary test is taken after arrest. A faulty breathalyzer may give poor results.

There are several options that you can consider when hiring a DUI attorney. One, you can depend on referrals from friends and relatives. They are reliable people, and they are likely to give you the most trusted people to help you get a highly qualified attorney. They may know a DUI attorney who handles these cases successfully.

As well, you may depend on the law firm websites. There are listings of different lawyers who can successfully serve you. After identifying a particular lawyer, you should ask them about their success in handling their cases. This can help you in knowing whether they are best for your case or not.

All in all, driving under the influence is a serious offense which may impact negatively on one’s life. However, with a reasonable defense attorney, an individual is assured that their rights will be protected. In conclusion, a DUI attorney should look out for their client’s interest and ensure they get justice no matter the crime.

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